To all you fitness buffs…

running legs

Feeling a bit under the weather today, which in the grand scheme of things isn’t too bad. I think I’ve only been sick a couple of times this year and it really only lasts a couple of days (I credit this to the USANA multivitamins that I take). This is really bringing me down today as this would normally be my day to either run or train. For those of you who regularly exercise, you know how not being able to can really affect your mood!

So I’m doing a mental checklist earlier today and I’ve really realized that while I might be doing a good thing by running & training it might not be 100% beneficial when I am not fulfilling my end of the bargain in other areas of my life! For example, lack of sleep, extra stress and not eating enough of the right kinds of foods. Not surprising seeing as it’s the holiday season, right?

Here was an article that I found from Dr. Joseph Mercola’s site. Definitely worth a read!


7 Signs You May Be Over Exercising.

Take away points from the article:

  • It is very important to allow your body to fully recover between workouts. As the intensity of your workouts increase so does the time you must allow your body to recover! How do you know you’ve fully recovered?

    “…you know you’re recovered when you have that restless energy and feel like you have to engage in some type of physical activity. You will just want to work out.”

    ~Dr. Doug McGuff

    intense workout

  • As the intensity of your workouts increase it would behoove you to decrease the frequency. For example, take it down from 4 days a week of heavy lifting down to 2-3 days.
  • Really fine tune your awareness of whether you’re not doing enough or doing too much. Once something becomes even a bit easy it’s time to change things up a bit to challenge your body. Take a look at the articles “7 Signs You May Be Overdoing It” to help realize when you may need to take it down a notch.
  • Vary your workout routines! Incorporate interval training, strength training, core exercises, and stretching!
  • Once you’re fit, less really is more when it comes to high-intensity exercise!

Woman doing bicep curls

Train on people (within reason)!


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