Back in Action!

tree bokeh

The holiday season is coming to a close. I don’t know about you but this is a mix of emotions for me. The excitement of watching my kids open their presents is a thing of the past BUT I am so relieved that I no longer must fight the crowds to get the shopping done (I’m thinking online shopping may be a good idea next year)! The Christmas cookie baking is officially done, which is a huge relief to me this year! Our leftover cookies have been packed on plates to be delivered to friends!! YAY!! I say this because these little “devils” are often something I struggle with not eating! This year my struggle was much less than last year and as I sat eating the yummy peppermint “snowball” last night I couldn’t help but think, “Thank goodness this part of Christmas is over!”


Christmas “snowball”…a Sole family tradition

I actually started to feel sick to my stomach at the thought of having eaten that much sugar. Not to mention today I woke up feeling like I had been run over by a semi-truck…headache, achy muscles, swollen, etc. This is the new reaction my body has to refined sugar…and really, it’s not a new reaction it’s something I had become used to. It was my “normal”!

New Years Resolution cartoon

I dare say that many of you are getting ready to write those New Year’s resolution lists. You have one more week until it’s official! I also dare say that you’ll be using this one more week to eat, drink & be merry before those resolutions must begin, right? Just like many that I know were using the month of December and the impending holidays as an excuse to indulge with the hope that January will bring new life to those old goals.

New Years Resolution lose weight

Here’s a challenge friends…start today! Just because it’s not January 1st doesn’t mean you can’t start doing something to better yourself or your situation today!

Boulder, Colorado

Beautiful Boulder, Colorado…the “edge of reality”!

While in college I worked at a gym in Boulder, Colorado. Most of the gym goers were regulars and many were elite runners, Pilates enthusiasts, Master swimmers, spinning nuts, body builders, etc. But every January a new breed of clientele would show up…the New Year’s Resolution weight loss/get fit people would invade the club with fervor! They were diligent about showing up right when the club opened at 5 a.m., they closed down the club at 10 p.m. They booked appointments with instructors & trainers, signed up for classes, and worked out with reckless abandon (and sometimes it was more like wreck-less abandon!). But inevitably by March or so about 80-90% of the New Year’s people would disappear only to show up sometime during the summer to use the outdoor pool, maybe saunter around the track and have a beer/wine at our bar (yes, the club had a bar…always strange to me!).

My challenge to you….DON’T be one of the those people! See, they burned out; they went all or nothing…from never working out to working out 7 days a week (maybe even twice a day), from eating terribly to being so strict about what they ate that they began to crave all the things that got them to where they were! Trust  me, I’m not talking from a place of ignorance! Not only did I watch these people do this to themselves but I was one of those people more than once in my life!

When I say “start now” I don’t mean quit every bad thing you’re doing and do everything perfectly…you’d only set yourself up for failure. Start now by….getting back on track to a healthier version of YOU!

Check out my Facebook page Noell Sole – Radiant Living for daily tips, motivation, personal accounts of those I’ve either helped or those who are following me.

But for the moment start NOW by recommitting TODAY!


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