Getting Back on the Horse

That’s a just a snippet of the last month for me! After 3 birthdays (mine included), a date night, visitors, Thanksgiving and a gathering with friends I can honestly say that I was hanging off the wagon by my feet! I am proud to say that I didn’t fully jump off, though!

It is now time to…

This week marks the beginning of a 5-Day RESET! This is the third RESET that I have done this year and I am proud to say that I have lost a total of 26 pounds in the last 8 months! I am now back down to my pre-pregnancy weight (times 4 children)! This RESET is really just a refinement…I am aiming at taking my slightly wacky blood sugar levels from the past few weeks and steadying them out. There are so many benefits in doing this, which is the topic of another post in itself. My wonderful husband will also be doing the 5-day RESET with me. It always helps to have a “teammate”!

Here is the prep work that my teammate did last night:

This is a combination of foods & supplements that we will be using during the 5-days. Of course this will not feed our whole family of 6, we have a few other meals & additions for our little ones that we will not be partaking in (namely the yummy-smelling chicken noodle soup that is simmering in the crock pot…I will add this recipe to those under “soups & stews” under my “recipes” tab).

And here is just a very small snippet of my day:

This photo could really be considered an “after” photo…26 pounds lighter…but I will be considering it my pre-RESET photo. And those yummy veggies were my snack today.

So far the day has consisted of:

  • A lemon-poppyseed Nutrimeal shake (made with USANA’s vanilla Nutrimeal)…super thick & icy so it took me a bit to get through.
  • My AM pack of supplements (you can find all of the supplement information under the RESET page on here).
  • A workout with my friend/trainer/chiropractor, Dr. Randy Pierce.

  • Vanilla Nutrimeal shake immediately post-workout to help fuel my body and aid in muscle recovery.
  • Lots of water!
  • Peanut Butter Nutrition bar from USANA
  • That bowl of veggies above.
  • Steaming cup of green tea.

And coming up for the rest of the evening:

  • Lemon-berry Nutrimeal shake.

    Lemon-Berry Nutrimeal shake (September 2012)

  • Roast veggies with buffalo style Tabasco…yum!

And sometimes you need a little snack while working! Thanks to my girls (ages 6 & 3) who are looking out for their mama!

This might be a bit vague but you will learn more as the 5 days progress, I promise!


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