Don’t Be a Worry Wart!

Worry…this has been on my mind since my post yesterday regarding worry. This emotion might be particularly present for some after our recent Presidential elections (and other might feel the complete opposite, which is okay too).

Worrying is natural in the sense that it’s universal…everyone does it at one point or another. Death, jealously, colds, accidents…these are all natural too but not necessarily beneficial, just like worry!

Worry is mental chaos…it shatters the focus, fragments the mind, distorts our perspective, and destroys our inner ease….oh, and it feels bad! All of these things create a sense of disconnection…we feel isolated, set apart from others, unequal, different.

So the next time you find yourself worrying about someone or something do a few things:

~identify the thought
~interrupt the thought
~think of a subject of connection (e.g., surround the subject of worry in light, picture divine light filling & cleansing your mind, fill your thoughts with love, peace, happiness; and my personal favorite…say to yourself, “I put the future in God‘s hands”).
~put in place a plan for when the thought returns

(The above is excerpted from “The Little Book of Letting Go” by Hugh Prather)



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