How Do Your Multivitamins Rate?

For those of you who are not regularly visiting my Facebook page here is a video that I recently put out on YouTube.

The point of this video was to get you to think about what you’re putting into your body in terms of the multivitamin you are taking. Ultimately, the purpose of a multivitamin is to supply your body’s cells with the best possible nutrition and protection in the form of antioxidants.

Think about what an apple or even an avocado looks like after it’s been cut and exposed to air. It turns brown, right? It’s being exposed to free radicals from the environment (just as my video illustrates) and thus oxidation results. This is what happens when something rusts…it is oxidizing.

Destructive oxidation cannot occur if the oxygen cannot penetrate a surface to reach the free radicals it craves.

What do we do to prevent that apple or avocado from turning brown? How about a squirt of lemon juice? This works because lemon juice contains antioxidants…anti- (one that is opposed) oxidant (to oxidation). So to prevent the same thing happening to our body’s cells we would naturally ingest antioxidants in the form of food and supplements.

In my opinion, the best way to tell if your multivitamin/supplement is doing its job is to see how well it is able to protect a piece of fruit that typically oxidizes when exposed to air (e.g., apple, banana, avocado).

My video outlines all you need to know in order to do your own “apple test” at home…try it out with your supplement, you might be surprised as to the results!


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