Treat Your Skin Right!

The skin performs many vital roles and protecting it is just as important as watching what we eat and drink!

How well do you treat your skin? Are you protecting it from the sun’s damaging rays? How many personal care products do you use? What are the ingredients in these products?

Take a quick inventory…how many products are you using on a daily basis? It’s been shown that the average American adult uses nine products per day, containing 126 individual ingredients! These ingredients, many of which the average person can’t even pronounce, are constantly be slathered on and absorbed into your skin. Once absorbed they are circulated throughout the body.


How many of you wouldn’t be concerned if when opening a jar of facial cleanser you noticed a foul odor and mold growing? Pretty gross, right? Hence the purpose of preservatives…to increase the shelf life of products. Preservatives, however, possess the ability to kill cells (aka cytotoxic)…thus preventing the growth of bacteria & fungi. Our skin is made of millions of cells, so wouldn’t it make sense that by applying products with harmful preservatives you are also compromising the integrity of your skin cells?!

How can that be legal…allowing the sale of something that is toxic? Well, the government has come up with “maximum safe levels” of toxic substances which tells us the maximum amount that the body should be able to withstand. If a product contains more than the maximum safe level it has the potential (or has even been shown through studies) to cause minor reactions such as hives to major consequences such as cancer! Sure you might be using a product that has a “maximum safe level” of preservatives but when you add in eight more products containing the same preservative you are receiving eight times the maximum safe level…how safe is that?

Known toxic preservatives:


Cut down on the above toxic preservatives and start out by replacing products that sit on your skin all day (e.g., moisturizer) with more natural, preservative-free alternatives.

Anti-Aging Products

How many of you would by a pricey product that claimed to help you “look older with prolonged use”? Not many of you! The trouble is many anti-aging products out there contain cytotoxic chemicals that are actually damaging your skin cells over time! In essence you’re buying a product that you’re hoping to help you look better over time, but in reality you’re damaging your skin over time AND you keep buying more and more of the product to help! It’s a vicious cycle!


Start eliminating the cause of your skin problems (e.g. dryness, acne, wrinkles) by addressing your diet, sun protection, immune system, and general health. Stop covering up the symptoms!

Ask yourself some simple questions:

  • Are you hydrating your cells by drinking enough water?
  • Are you consuming enough essential fatty acids, vitamins, minerals (either through diet or supplements)?
  • Are you keeping chemicals and pollutants off your skin?

If you aren’t willing to eat something, you shouldn’t put it on your skin
~Dr. Myron Wentz, Ph.D. & founder of USANA Health Sciences




  1. Attempt placing tea tree oil on locations where you break out. It’s all-natural and it doesn’t dry out your skin, so it’s a fantastic method to decrease the oil that builds up within the pores of one’s face.

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