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Office Dwellers….TAKE A BREAK!


(from Ragan’s Health Care Communication News)

My bet is that many of you out there are office dwellers…5 days a week for at least 8 hours a day. Me? I’m a mom of 4 kiddos, 6 years of age and under so my days are normally spent on my feet or in my car seat. When the munchkins are in bed for the night (by 7:30 PM MST if I have my say!) I spend most of the time until bed sitting on my exercise ball…in front of the computer. By the end of those few hours my eyes are screaming at me, my neck is stiff & I feel like a zombie!


That’s me (& my photo bombing dog!) after too much time on the computer! Actually, I was trying on my 2-year-old’s Halloween costume!

I can really only imagine–and cringe–when I think of those of you who are sitting at a desk in front of a computer for hours on end, all.week.long!

Here are some interesting (and concerning) facts for you office dwellers!

So, get up out of that chair, stool, exercise ball…whatever you’re sitting on…and take a break!


Drink that water!!


Recently had a friend ask me when are the best times to drink water & how much. This pictorial above provides just a few answers to that exact question.

In addition here’s what I do:

  • When I’m feeling hungry and I’ve recently eaten I first drink water as it’s not uncommon for the body to mistake thirst/dehydration for hunger.
  • On a good day I carry around a water bottle and aim to drink the whole thing (18 oz.) and refill it at least once an hour.
  • When my family & I know we’re going to be away from home for the majority of the day we’ll fill up a medium-size water cooler the night before & keep it in the refrigerator. Before we leave the next day we put the cooler in the trunk of the car so we can fill up our water bottles at any point while we’re out.
  • I really pay attention to how much water I’m drinking during a meal…I don’t drink much and I definitely don’t guzzle it. Drinking lots of water with a meal will dilute your stomach acid and thus hinder the digestion process. Drink your water about 30 minutes before a meal and wait for 30 minutes after you’ve finished.
  • I am constantly chugging water during cross-training workouts…at least 3 bottles in an hour (64 oz.) which is more than the recommended 6-8 oz. every 20 minutes but I figure my body needs it! I don’t drink while running but the minute I start my post-run stretch I start drinking the water.
  • I always keep a bottle or glass of water next to my bed; I find when I haven’t had enough water during the day I will wake up at night feeling parched and will immediately reach for that bottle/glass.

It’s not always easy to want to drink water or remember for that matter! Some people find that if they add a little flavor to their water it motivates them to drink it. Not only that but it’s also much better for you than soda, juices, and artificially-flavored waters. Believe it or not there are recipes for infused water! Here are just a couple from a great website (Fruit Infused Water):

Cucumber & Lemon Medley water


  Cucumber & Lemon Medley

  • 6 cups chilled still spring or mineral water
  • 12 thin slices cucumber
  • 4 thin slices lemon

In a 2- to 2 1/2-quart pitcher, combine water, cucumber, lemon. Serve, or cover and chill at least 2 hours or up to 8 hours. Add ice cubes just before serving.

Cherry Limeade infused water


Cherry Limeade

  • 1 Key Lime sliced thinly
  • 6 pitted cherries cut in half
  • 1 sprig of mint
  • ice and water

Let steep 30 minutes.

Grapefruit Orange Lime infused water


Grapefruit, Orange & Lime

  • 1/2 a grapefruit thinly sliced
  • 1 Orange thinly sliced
  • !/2 a lime thinly sliced
  • A few mint sprigs (optional)
  • Water and Ice

Chill for a stronger flavor or serve right away for a nice light refreshment.

Take a look at this {hopefully} up-and-coming bottle specifically designed for fruit-infused water on the go! It’s called the Define Bottle. The Define Bottle was developed by 14-year-old entrepreneur, Carter Kostler, whose goal is “to improve the health of children one drink at a time by providing the tools for a sustainable alternative to juice, soda and other sugary drinks that have led to the childhood obesity and type 2 diabetes epidemic.”

​In Carter’s own words:

The Define Bottle is a really cool looking fruit infused water bottle to take on the go. I took the concept behind popular fruit infused water pitchers and made it portable, not to mention stylish. If we are going to get kids to use this, it has to look cool. Now to use this bottle, you simply add fresh fruit into the bottom chamber, fill it with water and you have naturally flavored water. To get at the obesity problem, you have to address the behaviors behind the disease. Empty calories from juice and soda are readily available and we need to give children the right tools to create a healthy alternative. The connection between sugary drinks and obesity is clear. Take a look at some of the research showing the connection…On Oct 12, 2012, the New England Journal of Medicine published an article about providing obese children with noncaloric beverages for 1 year versus a control group that could drink what they want. At 1 year, the kids that avoided the sugary drinks lost weight compared to the kids in the control group. Our goal is to take this bit of research into the real world. The goal would be to get these bottles into schools and to educate the children on the negative effects of soda and sugary beverages. A thought would be to have grants cover the cost of the bottles or co-brand with corporations and have them help with the cost of getting these bottles in to the hands of children.

Check out & vote for Carter’s innovative idea at the Partnership for a Healthier America’s Facebook page!

5 Ways to Help Out Your Immune System During “Sick Season”

Sick Young Woman Lying in Bed

1. Get some quality shut-eye! When you’re not sleeping well you lower your immune function & increase your appetite for sugar (which also does a number on the immune system). Aim for 7-9 hours of sleep a night and really focus on starting the whole sleep process about an hour before bedtime. Begin by turning off all electronic devices, take a warm bath/shower, have a cup of hot tea or warm milk, turn the lights down in the bedroom, etc.


2. Eliminate or reduce stress. Stress lowers natural killer (NK) cell activity (a key player in a healthy immune system), raises fat-storing cortisol, and deplete vitamin C stores. Find healthy ways to reduce stress (e.g., massage, yoga, meditation, exercise, etc.).


3. Exercise….moderate exercise can increase macrophage production, an immune system strengthener. Try a cardio & resistance training combo where you’re performing short bursts of each. Contrary to popular belief activities such as running, aerobics, and treadmill marathons can actually raise cortisol levels (stress hormone) which in turn breaks down muscle tissue & lowers immune function. If you’re a runner like myself this can be disappointing…my own personal advice would be to mix up your training (e.g., 3-4 short to moderate distance runs per week in addition to 2-3 resistance training days).


4. Supplement with vitamin D! Vitamin D is a necessary component of robust and balanced immune function. Chances are that you are not getting enough Vitamin D during the winter months (your body makes vitamin D when exposed to sunlight…but a certain amount of skin must be exposed for a certain length of time…without sunscreen). Certain foods contain vitamin D but few contain optimal levels, so your best bet is to add a high-quality vitamin D supplement (ask me for more details).


To all you fitness buffs…

running legs

Feeling a bit under the weather today, which in the grand scheme of things isn’t too bad. I think I’ve only been sick a couple of times this year and it really only lasts a couple of days (I credit this to the USANA multivitamins that I take). This is really bringing me down today as this would normally be my day to either run or train. For those of you who regularly exercise, you know how not being able to can really affect your mood!

So I’m doing a mental checklist earlier today and I’ve really realized that while I might be doing a good thing by running & training it might not be 100% beneficial when I am not fulfilling my end of the bargain in other areas of my life! For example, lack of sleep, extra stress and not eating enough of the right kinds of foods. Not surprising seeing as it’s the holiday season, right?

Here was an article that I found from Dr. Joseph Mercola’s site. Definitely worth a read!


7 Signs You May Be Over Exercising.

Take away points from the article:

  • It is very important to allow your body to fully recover between workouts. As the intensity of your workouts increase so does the time you must allow your body to recover! How do you know you’ve fully recovered?

    “…you know you’re recovered when you have that restless energy and feel like you have to engage in some type of physical activity. You will just want to work out.”

    ~Dr. Doug McGuff

    intense workout

  • As the intensity of your workouts increase it would behoove you to decrease the frequency. For example, take it down from 4 days a week of heavy lifting down to 2-3 days.
  • Really fine tune your awareness of whether you’re not doing enough or doing too much. Once something becomes even a bit easy it’s time to change things up a bit to challenge your body. Take a look at the articles “7 Signs You May Be Overdoing It” to help realize when you may need to take it down a notch.
  • Vary your workout routines! Incorporate interval training, strength training, core exercises, and stretching!
  • Once you’re fit, less really is more when it comes to high-intensity exercise!

Woman doing bicep curls

Train on people (within reason)!

Back in Action!

tree bokeh

The holiday season is coming to a close. I don’t know about you but this is a mix of emotions for me. The excitement of watching my kids open their presents is a thing of the past BUT I am so relieved that I no longer must fight the crowds to get the shopping done (I’m thinking online shopping may be a good idea next year)! The Christmas cookie baking is officially done, which is a huge relief to me this year! Our leftover cookies have been packed on plates to be delivered to friends!! YAY!! I say this because these little “devils” are often something I struggle with not eating! This year my struggle was much less than last year and as I sat eating the yummy peppermint “snowball” last night I couldn’t help but think, “Thank goodness this part of Christmas is over!”


Christmas “snowball”…a Sole family tradition

I actually started to feel sick to my stomach at the thought of having eaten that much sugar. Not to mention today I woke up feeling like I had been run over by a semi-truck…headache, achy muscles, swollen, etc. This is the new reaction my body has to refined sugar…and really, it’s not a new reaction it’s something I had become used to. It was my “normal”!

New Years Resolution cartoon

I dare say that many of you are getting ready to write those New Year’s resolution lists. You have one more week until it’s official! I also dare say that you’ll be using this one more week to eat, drink & be merry before those resolutions must begin, right? Just like many that I know were using the month of December and the impending holidays as an excuse to indulge with the hope that January will bring new life to those old goals.

New Years Resolution lose weight

Here’s a challenge friends…start today! Just because it’s not January 1st doesn’t mean you can’t start doing something to better yourself or your situation today!

Boulder, Colorado

Beautiful Boulder, Colorado…the “edge of reality”!

While in college I worked at a gym in Boulder, Colorado. Most of the gym goers were regulars and many were elite runners, Pilates enthusiasts, Master swimmers, spinning nuts, body builders, etc. But every January a new breed of clientele would show up…the New Year’s Resolution weight loss/get fit people would invade the club with fervor! They were diligent about showing up right when the club opened at 5 a.m., they closed down the club at 10 p.m. They booked appointments with instructors & trainers, signed up for classes, and worked out with reckless abandon (and sometimes it was more like wreck-less abandon!). But inevitably by March or so about 80-90% of the New Year’s people would disappear only to show up sometime during the summer to use the outdoor pool, maybe saunter around the track and have a beer/wine at our bar (yes, the club had a bar…always strange to me!).

My challenge to you….DON’T be one of the those people! See, they burned out; they went all or nothing…from never working out to working out 7 days a week (maybe even twice a day), from eating terribly to being so strict about what they ate that they began to crave all the things that got them to where they were! Trust  me, I’m not talking from a place of ignorance! Not only did I watch these people do this to themselves but I was one of those people more than once in my life!

When I say “start now” I don’t mean quit every bad thing you’re doing and do everything perfectly…you’d only set yourself up for failure. Start now by….getting back on track to a healthier version of YOU!

Check out my Facebook page Noell Sole – Radiant Living for daily tips, motivation, personal accounts of those I’ve either helped or those who are following me.

But for the moment start NOW by recommitting TODAY!

You like roller coasters?

caution rollercoasterYes, some roller coasters are fun (and maybe a little nauseating to those of you with weak stomachs)! But not every roller coaster is beneficial!

Screen Shot 2012-10-03 at 12.25.51 AM

This is the glycemic roller coaster. This roller coaster is not meant to give you those thrills and chills of a theme park ride. In fact, this roller coaster can wreak havoc on your body!


Let’s go through a typical day on this roller coaster. You wake up, and if it’s been at least 6-8 hours after your last meal you’re probably waking up to a growling stomach…your blood sugar is low and your body is ready for fuel! I would guess that many of you either do not eat breakfast or your breakfast might consist of things such as a coffee, bagel, muffin, cereal, toast, etc. Well, if you’re not eating your blood sugar is just continuing to plummet until you can’t handle it any longer and your grab the nearest food available (i.e., candy bar, soda, fast food)…and there goes your blood sugar, spiked! If you have eaten and the foods you chose were like those I mentioned above you have just spiked your blood sugar as well.

A little while later you come crashing down…you’re tired, hungry, lacking energy and maybe you have a headache. You’re blood sugar has just hit another low. Here we go again…get something fast! And….it’s a vicious cycle of blood sugar highs and lows.

If you’re doing this on a consistent basis you are putting your body under great stress. Those little insulin receptors that are responsible for grabbing on to the glucose in the bloodstream (taking it to be used as energy or storing it as fat) are getting so tired! Eventually those little receptors may stop working…hello Type 2 Diabetes! Not only that but every time you spike your blood sugar you are causing inflammation in your body and producing free radicals (BAD!) setting yourself up for a host of other degenerative diseases such as heart disease.


So not only have you started gaining weight but you have put yourself at risk for a myriad of health problems.

Take another look at the Glycemic Roller Coaster above. Notice the blue area? This is where you need to be to maintain a healthy weight, have more energy, keep those blood vessels healthy, and help reduce your risk of degenerative disease.

How do you do that?

Keep following for more information!

Getting Back on the Horse

That’s a just a snippet of the last month for me! After 3 birthdays (mine included), a date night, visitors, Thanksgiving and a gathering with friends I can honestly say that I was hanging off the wagon by my feet! I am proud to say that I didn’t fully jump off, though!

It is now time to…

This week marks the beginning of a 5-Day RESET! This is the third RESET that I have done this year and I am proud to say that I have lost a total of 26 pounds in the last 8 months! I am now back down to my pre-pregnancy weight (times 4 children)! This RESET is really just a refinement…I am aiming at taking my slightly wacky blood sugar levels from the past few weeks and steadying them out. There are so many benefits in doing this, which is the topic of another post in itself. My wonderful husband will also be doing the 5-day RESET with me. It always helps to have a “teammate”!

Here is the prep work that my teammate did last night:

This is a combination of foods & supplements that we will be using during the 5-days. Of course this will not feed our whole family of 6, we have a few other meals & additions for our little ones that we will not be partaking in (namely the yummy-smelling chicken noodle soup that is simmering in the crock pot…I will add this recipe to those under “soups & stews” under my “recipes” tab).

And here is just a very small snippet of my day:

This photo could really be considered an “after” photo…26 pounds lighter…but I will be considering it my pre-RESET photo. And those yummy veggies were my snack today.

So far the day has consisted of:

  • A lemon-poppyseed Nutrimeal shake (made with USANA’s vanilla Nutrimeal)…super thick & icy so it took me a bit to get through.
  • My AM pack of supplements (you can find all of the supplement information under the RESET page on here).
  • A workout with my friend/trainer/chiropractor, Dr. Randy Pierce.

  • Vanilla Nutrimeal shake immediately post-workout to help fuel my body and aid in muscle recovery.
  • Lots of water!
  • Peanut Butter Nutrition bar from USANA
  • That bowl of veggies above.
  • Steaming cup of green tea.

And coming up for the rest of the evening:

  • Lemon-berry Nutrimeal shake.

    Lemon-Berry Nutrimeal shake (September 2012)

  • Roast veggies with buffalo style Tabasco…yum!

And sometimes you need a little snack while working! Thanks to my girls (ages 6 & 3) who are looking out for their mama!

This might be a bit vague but you will learn more as the 5 days progress, I promise!

Don’t Be a Worry Wart!

Worry…this has been on my mind since my post yesterday regarding worry. This emotion might be particularly present for some after our recent Presidential elections (and other might feel the complete opposite, which is okay too).

Worrying is natural in the sense that it’s universal…everyone does it at one point or another. Death, jealously, colds, accidents…these are all natural too but not necessarily beneficial, just like worry!

Worry is mental chaos…it shatters the focus, fragments the mind, distorts our perspective, and destroys our inner ease….oh, and it feels bad! All of these things create a sense of disconnection…we feel isolated, set apart from others, unequal, different.

So the next time you find yourself worrying about someone or something do a few things:

~identify the thought
~interrupt the thought
~think of a subject of connection (e.g., surround the subject of worry in light, picture divine light filling & cleansing your mind, fill your thoughts with love, peace, happiness; and my personal favorite…say to yourself, “I put the future in God‘s hands”).
~put in place a plan for when the thought returns

(The above is excerpted from “The Little Book of Letting Go” by Hugh Prather)


Nancy’s Intro to Juicing

Have you ever considered the benefits of juicing? It can sound intimidating but the benefits are amazing!

I started incorporating fresh juices into my diet several years ago but got very serious about juicing about 5 months ago. Thanks to the power of vegetable+fruit juice, my total cholesterol reduced by 40 points, my blood pressure significantly improved from a not-so-great 180s/90s to a beautiful 114/68, and I no longer crave sweets, nor coffee.

In the coming days I’ll post some tips, recipes, and will be happy to answer any questions you have about incorporating fresh juicing into your life. Here’s my favorite juice recipe (this makes about 4 servings):

2 leaves kale
1 cucumber
2 celery stalks
2 carrots
1 lemon
1 peach
1 apple
1 inch gingerJUiCE ON, friends!